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The Emergency Assessment Fund is an innovative and collaborative Eastern Bay of Plenty health concept. The fund will help those patients, who have serious health problems, which cannot be investigated in a reasonable timeframe by the public health system; which delay may compromise treatment. GPs who are concerned that such delays may compromise treatment can request the fund to pay for private assessment for their financially disadvantaged patients, so they can be assessed and then prioritised for treatment in the public health system.

  • General practitioners send patients to a free Specialist Review Clinic, at the Kawerau Medical Centre (soon to be at Taneatua Medical Centre as well) when they consider urgent investigation of significant health issues is required in those patients who cannot afford to pay for private specialist assessment.
  • The Emergency Assessment Fund will pay for the urgent assessment of those patients by relevant specialists.
  • All information will be communicated directly to the GPs. Specialists referred to will also then determine a priority for treatment of the patients in the public system, which will be communicated to GPs..
  • The primary objective is to improve patient care and decreased patient anxiety, the secondary objective is to alleviate the demand on our public health system, through prioritising patient’s treatment.

(The Specialist Review Clinic is currently located in the Kawerau Medical Centre and an additional clinic will be coming to the Taneatua Medical Centre soon.