The Emergency Assessment Fund is an Eastern Bay of Plenty collaborative health concept. The fund will help those patients who have serious health problems, which the GP feels require more urgent investigation than possible at the time, through the public hospital system.

  • General practitioners refer their patients with urgent health problems to the Specialist Clinic (Kawerau) for further assessment, where they consider the waiting period for public assessment may be prejudicial to their patient’s treatment.
  • The Emergency Assessment Fund will then pay for the assessment those patients when they are financially unable to themselves.
  • Patients confirmed after assessment with a serious health problem requiring urgent treatment, will have their GPs contacted and informed of the assessment, with a view to facilitating urgent treatment in the public system.
  • In addition to helping patients in urgent need it is hoped that the Emergency Assessment Fund, will in a small way contribute to a greater efficiency in the public system, through prioritising patient’s treatment.


  • The Emergency Assessment Fund will pay for specialist consultation , the patients will bring a cheque to cover the consultation, prearranged. If the Specialist cared to make a donation of the consultation fee to the fund and invoice will be provided for the tax deduction.

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