You can donate in several ways:

 1.   Go to the website

Use your credit card to make a donation through the ‘give a little’ donate now button


2.  Go into the ANZ Bank, 191 The Strand, Whakatane. Tell the bank teller that you would like to make a donation to the Emergency Assessment Fund.

The bank account number is:

06 – 0489 – 0025 3125 – 00

If there is any difficulty please ask for a personal manager.


3.  Online Direct Debit. ANZ Bank, The Strand, Whakatane.

Emergency Assessment Fund Account Number:

06 – 0489 – 0025 3125 – 00


4.  Cheques made out to EMERGENCY ASSESSMENT FUND may be sent to:

The Emergency Assessment Fund C/o Robinson Law

76 The Strand                               PO Box 348

Whakatane 3120      (or)            Whakatane 3120



If you would like to support the fund in a more substantial  way, please contact:

Dr Paul Anderson. 9am – 5pm on 07 312 5340 and leave a message.

All donations are tax deductible as we are a registered charity. Registration number CC56575




Donate via Givealittle